We are focused on operating a single company, while preserving your legacy and investing in the growth of your business. We are committed to working directly with you and can offer you a number of benefits as a partner in this process.

Values of Juxon


A proven track record, committed to confidentiality and willing to develop a relationship


Open communication, visibility of resources and direct access to the decision maker


Able to structure a transaction that meets your needs as a business owner without external pressure


Determined to preserve your legacy, orientated towards long-term profitable growth of one company


Access to significant capital from reputable investors with decades of professional experience

Investment Criteria

Juxon is funded by like-minded, successful entrepreneurs-turned-investors, which also sets us apart from unfunded MBI/MBO models. Our partners invest personal capital under a search fund structure that supports James as a promising leader to build a company the right way for the long term.


  • Sizeable and growing sector with high fragmentation

  • Low cyclical exposure and external regulatory risk


  • Recurring revenue from diverse customer base

  • Defensible competitive advantage to the business model


  • £5 - £30 million annual revenue

  • £1 - £5 million annual cash flow

  • Historical profitability and low levels of capital expenditure

Juxon is different from other buyers:

  • As an entrepreneur, James seeks to build on the success and foundation established by the existing business owner, he is focused on employee development and revenue growth.

  • Juxon can provide a tailored succession plan and deal terms that align with the tax planning, wealth creation, and life goals of the business owner.

  • We are able to provide a right-sized diligence process, combined with the support and financial resources to complete the deal quickly and efficiently.

Juxon is seeking to acquire and grow one great UK business looking for a thoughtful succession option, that traditional private equity or a strategic buyer cannot offer.

If you are a business owner facing a succession challenge, we would love to speak with you.