Juxon Capital Partners

A partnership between a dedicated entrepreneur and a team of investors formed to acquire one outstanding business in the UK

What we do

Watch the video below of a recent conversation with James Knock, founder of Juxon Capital Partners

About us

Our mission is to acquire a single company with a strong track record and see to its preservation and profitable growth over the long term. We are committed to creating long-term value for employees, clients, and the broader community.


If you are a business owner who may be thinking about what is next, and would like a qualified partner to facilitate the process to preserve your legacy, then we would love to speak with you. We offer a solution tailored to meet your needs.


Juxon brings together a team of highly accomplished entrepreneurs, operators, and investors who bring decades of experience in growing small and mid-sized companies. Partners have committed their time and capital to fully support James.

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Please review our investment approach and how we work to see if we may be a good fit.

You can also contact James directly with any questions.